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Authorization as electrical contractor

The Swedish National Electrical Safety Board is the authority in Sweden responsible for reviewing applications for electrical contractor authorization. 1500-1700 authorization applications are processed each year.


The principle rule governing electrical installation work in Sweden is that if the work is classed as requiring authorization, Swedish electrical contractor authorization is required. Electrical contractor authorization is granted on an individual basis in Sweden. If you plan to accept employment as an electrician in Sweden, it is not necessary to submit an application or petition to the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board. In this case, it is the potential employer who will determine the qualifications of the electrician. The electrician will then work under the supervision of an authorized electrical contractor.

How to apply

Generally speaking, if you as an applicant with qualifications from an EEA land other than Sweden have a licence, authorization or corresponding certification from your home country, then you will usually be granted the corresponding authorization in Sweden upon application to the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board (in accordance with directive 2005/36/EC). You must enclose supporting documentation with the application verifying that the you have a licence/authorization in your home country. There is a fee of SEK 2000 for granted authorizations. There is no fee for applying. If we grant you the authorization we will send information about that and how to pay through the international bank transfer system. Notice that no payment in advance is necessary, the fee is only charged if we grant you the authorization.  When you pay the fee please state your name and postal address on the payment form. 

The certificate of authorization will be sent to the postal address that you have stated in the application form.

Checklist (applies to applicants with qualifications from an EEA country other than Sweden):

  • Have you filled in your personal and contact information?
  • Have you enclosed certified copies of diplomas, degrees, training certificates or other qualification certification which verifies your authorization in your home country?
  • Have you enclosed certified copies and not originals?
  • Have you signed your application?

Liable person: Anders Kaukerat

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