Buying electrical installation services

Always check that the company you intend to use for electrical installation services is registered with the National Electrical Safety Board.

The new Electrical Safety Act came into force on 1 July 2017. It introduces a completely new system of requirements that must be met by people working with electrical installations in Sweden. It also affects you as an individual. Now you are in a better position if you buy electrical installation services.

Check the electrical installation company

All companies carrying out electrical installation work on an installation which is not its own must register with the National Electrical Safety Board before starting the work. This makes it easy for people buying electrical installation services to check that the company they intend to use meets certain basic requirements and comes under the supervision of the National Electrical Safety Board.

This puts you, the buyer, in a stronger position because the law now states exactly how electrical installation companies must do their work. You are able to consult the register at any time to check that it contains the electrical installation company you are using

Check an electrical installation company (e-service)

Remember the following

  • As a buyer of services you should carefully read the terms and conditions and always check that the company is registered with the National Electrical Safety Board.
  • As the installation owner you should retain the documentation showing exactly what electrical installation work has been carried out and by whom.
  • A company acting as a general contractor which always buys electrical installation services from others is not considered to be an electrical installation company. This also means that the general contractor will not be included in the National Electrical Safety Board’s register of companies. In this situation, the general contractor should let you know the company carrying out the electrical installations so that you, the customer, can check the company in the register.

The relationship between owner and company

If things go wrong

If you engage a company which does not meet the requirements concerning skills, execution, self-audit scheme, etc. you can report the company to the National Electrical Safety Board. We can then use your report to take action against the company.

The National Electrical Safety Board cannot intervene if things go wrong with the buyer/seller relationship. This area is governed by private law and does not fall under our remit.

Last reviewed: 2019-08-09