The relationship between owner and company

The electrical installation company and the installation owner must both have sufficient knowledge of the installation to allow the electrical installation company to carry out the work correctly.

Obligations of the electrical installation company

  • Determine the conditions that must be in place so that the work can be done correctly.
  • Carry out the electrical installation work correctly.
  • Carry out the work in accordance with the company's self-audit scheme.
  • Ensure that only authorised electrical contractors or others covered by the company's self-audit scheme actually carry out the electrical installation work.

Obligations of the installation owner

  • Ensure that the system is safe.
  • Take action if problems emerge.
  • Provide the electrical installation company with the necessary information about the system and the work.
  • Check that the company carrying out electrical installation work on the system is contained in the National Electrical Safety Board's register of electrical installation companies.