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Our mission

The National Electrical Safety Board has the vision of safe and interference-free electricity and works to ensure a high level of electrical safety and to prevent interference between electrical equipment.

Through governmental delegation, the National Electrical Safety Board is responsible for electrical safety and for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The Board administers this responsibility by, among other things:

  • Publishing regulations and stipulations for electrical safety and EMC.
  • Supervising electrical installations and electrical installation companies, in part through inspections conducted by the Board’s electrical inspectors.
  • Reviewing and issuing authorisations as authorised electricians.
  • Investigating electrical accidents and electrical fires.
  • Conducting market surveillance of electrical products and issuing sales bans on products that do not meet requirements.
  • Participating in standardisation efforts within the SEK Swedish Electrical Standards and on an international level within CENELEC and IEC.
  • Cooperating with the Swedish Electrical Auditing Committee, which is a part of the Swedish Fire Protection Association (SFPA).
  • Cooperating with the coordinating and advisory agency, the Swedish Power-Telecommunication Coordination Committee.
  • Taking responsibility, together with more than forty other authorities, for crisis management in peacetime and in periods of heightened emergency preparedness.
  • Participating in NSS – the Nordic committee for the coordination of electrical safety issues – together with representatives from electrical safety authorities in Denmark, Finland, the Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Åland and Norway.


The National Electrical Safety Board is a Swedish administrative authority working under the Swedish Ministry of Infrastructure. The authority has its head offices in Kristinehamn, Sweden and regional supervisory offices in Hässleholm, Kristinehamn, Stockholm och Umeå.

The Electrical Safety Council is affiliated with the Electrical Safety Board. The Electrical Safety Council assists the Board in issues related to electrical safety and has insight into the authority’s activities. In addition to the Director General, the Electrical Safety Council comprises up to nine Board Members who are appointed by the Swedish Government.

Contact us

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Postal Address: Box 4, SE-681 21 Kristinehamn, Sweden

Visting Address: Södra Torget 3, Kristinehamn, Sweden

E-mail: registrator@elsakerhetsverket.se

Last reviewed: 2019-08-19