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Electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC, can also be called electrical co-existence. This is a question of being able to exist together. In other words, it shall be possible for different items of equipment to be used together.

EMC is a state where different items of equipment work together in their environment without having a negative effect on each other or causing interference with each other. Electromagnetic compatibility is also a requirement that is regulated in law, statutes and instructions.

The history behind EMC is as old as radio technology. Even during the infancy of radio, people had problems with radio interference. Radio and EMC have been associated with each other since then. As time has passed, more and more interference phenomena have appeared. Certain parts of EMC can be considered electrical quality.

EMC is of vital importance in today's modern society where we are increasingly dependent on advanced electro technical equipment.

Last reviewed: 2016-12-16