En man håller i en checkruta vid dator.

Register your company

Any company carrying out electrical installation work on an installation which is not its own must register with the National Electrical Safety Board before starting the work.

Installation owners and buyers of electrical installation services are able to consult this register to check on a company they intend to use. Electrical installation companies which only carry out electrical installation work on their own installations are not required to register.

How to register

The easiest way to register the company is using our e-service. If you do this, your company will be added directly to the register without any delay. Note that you should have completed all the following points before registering:

  • Self-audit scheme
  • Activity types
  • Compliance officer
  • Contact information

Registration is quickest and easiest if it is done by the person who will be named in the registration as the compliance officer.

You are welcome to contact the National Electrical Safety Board if you need help with registering or if you have any other questions about the new rules.

Last reviewed: 2020-12-12