Abstrakt glödlampa och glödtråd.

Electrical accidents

One of the National Electrical Safety Board’s many working areas is following up electrical accidents. This is an area given priority by the Board.

Every year, the authority monitors the increase or decrease in the number of accidents. One of the ways in which this is done is by every accident or incident that has come to the attention of the Board being processed in an accident database. The Board also conducts in-depth investigations of selected accidents and incidents.

Electrical accidents and incidents

The Board divides electrical accidents into different categories. These are accidents and incidents. An electrical accident is an undesired event caused by electric current resulting to injury to a person or damage to property. An incident is an undesirable event where an electric current could have led to injury of a person or damage to property. Injury means suffering, discomfort/inconvenience, bodily or psychological injury or death that is caused by electric current.

Contributing to a knowledge base

By the Board processing electrical accidents and incidents, experience can be fed back to work on regulations and standardisation. The processing also contributes to the growth of knowledge about risks. At the same time, this contributes to the Board's vision of creating safe and interference-free electricity.

Last reviewed: 2023-08-28