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Electrical safety for products

Swedish regulations concerning electrical products require people, property and domestic animals to be protected from injury, loss or damage caused by electrical products. This means protection against electric shock, fire, electromagnetic fields and other hazards.

The EU directive with relevance to the above equipment is 2014/35/EU, also known as the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Sweden has introduced a regulatory framework on the basis of this directive, consisting of the Electrical Safety Act (SFS 2016:732), the Electrical Safety Ordinance (SFS 2017:218) and the National Electrical Safety Board’s regulations on electrical equipment, ELSÄK-FS 2016:1.

Area of application

The Swedish National Electrical Safety Board’s regulations on electrical equipment covers all electrical equipment. It makes no difference whether it is a product intended for consumers or for professional use. It also does not matter whether the electrical equipment is designed for use at a rated voltage above 50 V AC up to 1000 V AC, or above 75 V DC up to 1500 V DC. The requirements of the Electrical Safety Ordinance apply to all electrical equipment regardless of voltage. 

The rules do not apply to:

  • electrical components intended for installation in other electrical equipment and when the safety of said components can essentially be assessed only once they have been installed, and
  • electrical equipment only intended for export to third countries.
Last reviewed: 2020-12-12