Authorisation, registration or certification in another EEA country or Switzerland

Applicable to all EEA countries and Switzerland with the exception if you have a regulated education.

If you already have an authorisation, registration or certification as an electrician in another EEA country, you must send the following documents to the National Electrical Safety Board when you apply for authorisation.

1. Application

The application is made via one of our e-services. In the application, you must state which authorisation type you are applying for. It is also important that you attach a copy of your authorization, identification or certificate.

Tecknad symbol  av anmälningsformulär och penna.

How to apply

2. Authorisation, registration or certification

Include a copy of your authorisation, registration or certification. It must show that your authorisation is equivalent to the authorisation you are applying for in Sweden.

Note that the authorisation, registration or certification must be issued by a competent authority. The documents must be in the original language.

Assessment based on legal requirements

Your application will be assessed in accordance with the Act (2016:145) on the recognition of professional qualifications.

Act (2016:145) on the recognition of professional qualifications on the Riksdag web site (in Swedish)

Last reviewed: 2023-02-14