Working as an authorised electrician

If you carry out electrical installation work for business purposes, you must be covered by a company's self-audit scheme. The self-audit scheme determines what kinds of work you are allowed to do on behalf of the company.

The requirements of the company's self-audit scheme are set out in the National Electrical Safety Board's regulations ELSÄK-FS 2017:3.

As an authorised electrician, you are able to carry out electrical installation work privately, but this must be on a non-commercial basis.

Before 1 July 2017 some authorised electricians were responsible for supervising their colleagues' work. This supervision function no longer exists. Under the new rules, it is instead up to the company to establish a self-audit scheme to ensure that the individuals carrying out electrical installations have the right skills and that the work is done correctly, etc. Any personal responsibility you may have had for supervision has now become corporate responsibility.

Compliance officer

In the self-audit scheme, an authorised electrician like you can be given a special role as the company's compliance officer. All electrical installation companies must have at least one authorised electrician who is responsible for compliance.
It is up to the electrical installation company to appoint compliance officers. You can find out from your employer whether this is relevant for you.

Compliance officer

Last reviewed: 2023-05-02