To obtain authorisation you must meet an education requirement and a practical experience requirement. The education requirement is different depending on the authorisation type you are applying for. Make sure you find out exactly which requirements are relevant to your application.

Academic content

In order to meet the education requirement, you must have completed and passed electrical education with relevance to the authorisation type you are applying for. The National Electrical Safety Board's authorisation regulations ELSÄK-FS 2017:4 specify the required academic content. The annexes to the regulations set out the knowledge and skill requirements for the various authorisation types.

Your education provider will be able to tell you whether your education has the required academic content.

Forms of education

The education requirement in an application for authorisation can be met by education in various forms. Possible places of education include upper secondary schools (for limited authorisation), polytechnics, colleges, universities, and industry-based/private training and education companies.

Certificates or attestations

When you apply for authorisation you must include copies of certificates or attestations concerning your education. If a document does not explicitly state that the education meets the requirements of the National Electrical Safety Board's regulations, you must also include details of the course content.

Education abroad

If you received your education outside Sweden, your application for authorisation must be accompanied by these documents:

1. Degree, diploma or qualification certificate
   Copy of the official degree, diploma or qualification certificate.

2. Academic record
   Copy of your personal academic record showing the content of your studies.

The documents must be submitted in the original language. We also need a translation if they are in a language other than Swedish, English, Norwegian, Finnish or Danish.

Note that this does not apply if you already have an authorisation, registration or certification from another EEA country or Switzerland.

Qualifications gained abroad

Authorisation types

The education requirements for the different authorisation types are laid down in the National Electrical Safety Board's authorisation regulations ELSÄK-FS 2017:4.

Last reviewed: 2020-12-12