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Self-audit scheme

All electrical installation companies must operate a self-audit scheme. The self-audit scheme is your company’s internal system guaranteeing that its activity is managed and carried out correctly and by staff with the right skills.

The self-audit scheme is all the measures (descriptions, routines, activities etc.) put in place by the electrical installation company in order to guarantee that the electrical installation work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Electrical Safety Act and the regulations of the National Electrical Safety Board.

Self-audit requires the company to:

  • determine what electrical installation work is done in the company,
  • determine the applicable rules (Electrical Safety Act with corresponding ordinance and regulatory provisions) and what they involve, and
  • develop the routines and activities required in order to be certain that the rules are followed.

Of course, self-audit can be adjusted to match the company's size and complexity. There is no point making the routines and activities more complex than necessary.

Generel requirements

The general requirement for a self-audit scheme is set out in section 24 of the Electrical Safety Act. An electrical installation company must:

  • conduct self-audits of the work according to a self-audit scheme. The self-audit scheme guarantees that the electrical installation work meets the requirements in the Act and the applicable regulations, and
  • ensure that the electrical installation work is only carried out by an authorised electrician or someone else covered by the company's self-audit scheme.

An internal tool

The self-audit scheme should not be sent to the National Electrical Safety Board. It is primarily intended as a tool to help you verify internally that the relevant requirements are being met. However, the self-audit scheme does come under the supervision of the National Electrical Safety Board so you may need to show the routines, etc. in your self-audit scheme if asked. 

More information

The requirements for the self-audit scheme are described in The National Electrical Safety Board's regulations on electrical installation companies and on the execution of electrical installation work.
Regulations ELSÄK-FS 2017:3

The self-audit scheme is also described in detail in our manual "Electrical installations under the Electrical Saftey Act", section 7.

Last reviewed: 2022-11-24