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Apply for authorisation

To obtain authorisation as an authorised electrician you must meet an education requirement and a practical experience requirement. Make sure you find out exactly which requirements are relevant to the authorisation type you want to apply for.

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Processing time for authorisation

Our goal is for you to receive a response to your application within two months. As soon as we have registered your payment, we will send you an e-mail with more information about the application process. Please check your spam if you don't receive any response from us.

The National Electrical Safety Board cannot give you a pre-application assessment of your education and practical experience – the assessment will be made when you apply for authorisation. So make sure you find out exactly which requirements are relevant to the authorisation type you want to apply for.

The following must be sent to the National Electrical Safety Board:

1. Application

The application is made via one of our e-services. In the application, you must state which authorisation type you are applying for. It is also important that you attach education certificates and attestations confirming your practical experience.

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How to apply

2. Education

Include copies of attestations or certificates confirming education with relevance to the authorisation type your are applying for.

More information about education

3. Practical experience

Include attestations confirming practical experience, using the form specified by the National Electrical Safety Board. Note that the forms are different depending on whether the practical experience:

  • consists of electrical installation work carried out before or after 1 July 2017
  • consists of other work involving electricity
  • was undertaken in another EEA country or Switzerland

More information about practical experience

Qualifications gained abroad

If you are applying for authorisation on the basis of qualifications gained abroad, the documents you must send to the National Electrical Safety Board differ according to how and where you gained the qualifications.

More information about qualifications gained abroad

Application fee

The application fee when applying for authorisation is SEK 1 660. The fee must be paid within seven days after we have received your application documents.

More information about the application fee


The education and practical experience requirements are contained in the National Electrical Safety Board's authorisation regulations ELSÄK-FS 2017:4. You can also find out about the requirements on our web site.


We expect it to take up to four weeks to process your application. If we need to ask for additional information, the processing time may be longer. Your application may also take longer during the summer months. We will send you a letter to inform you of our decision.

Last reviewed: 2022-05-27