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Change information in the register

It is important that the data contained in the National Electrical Safety Board's Company register is correct. As a company, you are responsible for keeping the data up to date.

The accuracy of the data is most important for ensuring that consumers get the right information, when using the Check an electrical company E-service.

Moreover, it is also important for the data to be up to date, as parts of the National Electrical Safety Board's supervisory work is based on what is in the Company register.

Change previously registered information

Updates are most made easily by using the E-service. There, you can
choose Change.
To the e-service

Information that may need to be changed over time is:

Compliance officer

If the compliance officer who is registered at the company leaves their job or is for some other reason no longer in possession of this role, you will need to appoint a new one as soon as possible and make sure that the information in the register is updated.

Activity types

If you want to start carrying out work in activity types for which you have not previously registered, this needs to be updated in the company register. The same applies if you no longer carry out work within a previously registered activity type.

Contact information

If you change your contact person for the National Electrical Safety Board, you must make sure that the new contact information is entered in the register.

De-register your company

If your company no longer performs electrical installation work, it should be deregistered. Deregistration is most easily done by using the E-Service, which you can find on the National Electrical Safety Board's website. There you can choose Remove.
To the e-service

If your company is no longer registered for VAT or F-tax with the Swedish Tax Agency or is no longer an employer, it is considered inactive. If you have not deregistered it, the company will be automatically removed from the National Electrical Safety Board's Company register.

Have you left the electrical installation company?

If you wish to advise that you are no longer a compliance officer, do not make a deregistration. Firstly, remind the company management that they shall make a change registration so as to advise of a new compliance officer for our register. Otherwise, you are welcome to e-mail us information about which company you worked for (name and company registration number) and what day you left.

Last reviewed: 2023-05-02