Your duty to provide notifications

If you become aware that a product that you are selling, or sold in the past, is dangerous or potentially dangerous, you must notify us. 

This is stated in section 23 of the Product Safety Act (2004:451). The notification must contain the information laid down in section 8 of the Product Safety Regulation (2004:469).

Notification of products with deficiencies

Certain product requirements allow for deficiencies that are not subject to mandatory notification as described in paragraph 23 of the Product Safety Act. If you become aware that a product does not meet the requirements in one of the EU's specific product regulations (ATEX, EMC, LVD), you must notify us, for example see chapter 5, sections 7a, 16a and 19a of ELSÄK-FS 2016:3.

How to submit your notification

Whether you are notifying us of a dangerous product or a deficient product, you can use the tools developed for dangerous product notifications.

If you only sold the product in Sweden

Please complete the form carefully and send it to the National Electrical Safety Board immediately. It is important that the information is as complete as possible. If you do not have the requested information, make this clear by stating "not known". Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, using the contact details at the bottom of the web page.

Form - Section 23 notification (docx, 0.2 MB) - in Swedish

Complete the form and send it with any attachments to

If you sold the product in more than one country

If the product in the notification was sold in several EU or EEA countries, there is a common web-based alert service called the Product Safety Business Alert Gateway (formerly Business Application) on the European Commission's web site, which makes it easier for companies to notify the relevant authority in each country of dangerous goods.
Product Safety Business Alert Gateway

Last reviewed: 2023-05-02