EMC and products

The regulations are designed to ensure that radio and telecommunications equipment and other electrical products do not interfere with each other.

The regulations are implemented by applying protection requirements to products. The protection requirements place limits on interference from products on the one hand and specify how much interference they must be able to withstand on the other.

For the products above, the relevant directive is 2014/30/EU, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC). In Sweden, the directive is implemented by the EMC Act (SFS 1992:1512), the EMC Regulation (SFS 2016:363), and the regulation ELSÄK-FS 2016:3 with amending regulation ELSÄK-FS 2016:4.

Area of application

The EMC rules apply to all electrical and electronic equipment. Also covered are equipment, systems and installations containing electrical and electronic components, regardless of voltage, which may produce or be affected by electromagnetic interference. This means that virtually all equipment using electricity must comply with the rules. However, there are some exceptions. These exceptions are set out in the regulation (ELSÄK-FS 2016:3).

Last reviewed: 2020-12-12