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Product safety

The Swedish National Electrical Safety Board requires that electrical products provide protection against electric shock and fires that are caused by electricity (LVD) as well as protection against disturbances caused by electromagnetic fields (EMC) are safe.

In addition, there are specific safety requirements for products that are used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). EMC requirements mean that products and installations shall not interfere with radio, TV or other equipment and that they should have a degree of immunity to interference.

The Swedish National Electrical Safety Board conducts inspections of the above areas, especially in the form of market surveillance. Market surveillance is important not just for protecting lives, personal safety and health but also for preventing interference to communication and business activities.

Checks are also required to ensure fair competition on the market.

All requirements are the same throughout the EEA (European Economic Area). In other words they are harmonized. The purpose of harmonizing the requirements is to establish free movement of goods within the EEA while maintaining electrical safety and EMC.

Last reviewed: 2017-07-13