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Company registration guide

Any company carrying out electrical installation work on an installation which is not its own must register with the National Electrical Safety Board before starting the work.

You must complete a registration for each company (one official company registration number = one company = one registration).

If your places of business operate with different routines your self-audit scheme must reflect that, but all places of business in the same company are covered by the same registration. This means you register your company for all activity types even if certain activities are only carried out in one or more places of business.

Self-audit scheme

Before registering, the company's self-audit scheme must be completed, meaning that the routines and processes needed for the self-audits must be documented, implemented and followed up systematically and regularly. The self-audit scheme should not be submitted to the National Electrical Safety Board.

Self-audit scheme

Activity types

When you register, you state what kinds of electrical installation work your electrical installation company carries out – these are called activity types. You can either register for all kinds of electrical installation work or just for certain kinds.

Activity types

Compliance officer

When you register, you must name a compliance officer. This is an authorised electrician tasked with ensuring that your company follows the rules in §§ 23-27 of the Electrical Safety Act. If your company has more than one compliance officer, your self-audit scheme must specify which one of them is named in the registration.

Compliance officer

Contact information

When registering, you must provide a contact person which the National Electrical Safety Board can contact in case of any questions or supervision. Prepare the name and contact details of that person before the registration.


To use the e-service, you will need a Swedish e-ID ("BankID"). For foreign companies, the person who makes the registration is identified by other means. Please contact us for more information.

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Responsible: Charlotte Mogren
Published: 2017-07-06
Updated: 2017-07-06